About Us

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for Limited English Proficient (LEP) people by facilitating understanding across cultures and languages.


To provide training and opportunities to future bilingual leaders to leverage their expertise while maintaining a cultural and linguistic link to their heritage.

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in excellent cultural and linguistic services to Northern California businesses, institutions, government agencies and consumers;

To be the best private employer of highly qualified, bilingual, bi-cultural professionals who desire to serve their respective communities;

To promote wellness, cross-cultural understanding and expand wealth in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse region.

Leadership Team

Meet the team

“I personally can’t thank you enough for making it all happen!  Language World Services provided an excellent interpreter who was great with the workforce and a good balance of professional and personable. I know I was pleased, and I anticipate that we will be using your services again!”

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