Remote Interpreting

Video and telephonic remote interpreting solutions delivered in under 10 seconds. Access services from your PC, phone or tablet, no prescheduling required! Simultaneous and 4-way video also available.


How to Access Remote Interpreters

1. Access Remote Services via Telephone, PC, Smartphone or Tablet
2. Enter Your Credentials
3. Select the Language

Telephone: 1-844-723-6288
PC: Interpret Manager
Smartphone or Tablet: iOS or Android

Should you require additional assistance, please contact us by phone
at (916) 333-5247 Option 2 or at


Our Team

LWS is highly selective when vetting interpreters.
Only 20% of potential contract remote interpreters are accepted.

LWS Remote Interpreters must meet the following criteria:

  • Have prior interpreting experience.
  • Pass a 3rd party oral assessment of interpretation skills and language proficiency.
  • Pass a “mock” interpretation session.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with the online call management and interpreting tools


In addition, quality checks are performed twice a year by reviewing actual interpreting sessions conducted by interpreters.

For background checks, remote interpreters are screened by a third-party security agency, which scans the nation-wide criminal records, sex offender files, and the Patriot Act/Homeland Security Database then provides a complete report on every interpreter.