President’s Welcome

On behalf of the employees of Language World Services Inc., greetings and welcome to you! I appreciate your interest in our work, and I am so glad you have taken the time to investigate how professional language assistance can achieve your personal and professional objectives.

From our modest beginnings inside a rented garage in 2000, Language World Services has grown into Northern California’s largest bilingual staffing, interpreting and translation agency. Along the way, we have interpreted for the Presidents of Mexico and Chile, for expecting mothers, for visiting agri-business persons, and for academic dignitaries and official government delegations from Russia, France, Greece, Italy and beyond. Our interpreters have helped foreign militaries from Africa and Latin America understand the nuances of leading edge HIV/AIDS treatment strategies. Language World personnel have empowered Non-English speaking citizens to become involved in large public planning projects affecting their neighborhoods, as well as for stakeholder meetings for important statewide initiatives such as the Mental Health Services Act. We have interpreted critical workplace safety information to large groups of Spanish-speaking employees who build roads and houses, prepare our forests for fire season and grow and cook our food. We have translated signs for city buses, state and local election materials, county emergency preparedness guidebooks and business marketing surveys. We have recorded outgoing messages for public information telephones, and have transcribed and translated telephone conversations for national law enforcement organizations.

On a daily basis, you might find our people delivering their language skills in schools, at a therapist’s practice, at a local government office, the courts, at area hospitals, outpatient clinics or perhaps during a home visit with a clinical social worker. Wherever there is a language barrier is where you will find us brokering understanding and delivering vital communication.

This dream could not have been made real without a tireless dedication to community service found in everybody who works here. It is simply something you cannot train. You either have the passion, skill set and commitment to this unique field of human service or you don’t. Starting from our field interpreters, their supervisors, mentors, trainers, recruiters, translators and support staff, the Language World mission has always been to improve the quality of life for Limited English Proficient people by facilitating understanding across cultures and languages.

Our tactics are straightforward. We recruit and retain the most qualified professional interpreters, translators and bilingual staffers available in our market. In addition, we support their work through ongoing training opportunities and advanced quality assurance measures. Through it all, we are passionate about helping new Americans understand the complex nuances and profound responsibilities of life in the United States. We are personally invested in promoting wellness, wealth, and cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly diverse country, where it discouragingly seems easier to express anger at what separates us than what unifies us. I thank you for sharing this fascinating journey of people, languages and culture, and I hope you will learn something new from our website.

William Glasser | President