Phone Interpreting

Telephonic interpreting services in over 200 languages delivered in under 60 seconds. Industry-leading connection times, no setup fees or minimums, and billing that begins only after you are connected to your interpreter.


How it Works

1. Call LWS to setup your account & prompts
2. Receive your toll-free number and access code
3. Print personalized reference cards
4. Call for Language Services

(916) 333-5247

Begin Using Services

Our Team

LWS is highly selective when vetting interpreters.
Only 20% of potential contract OPI interpreters are accepted.

LWS OPI Interpreters must meet the following criteria:

  • Have prior interpreting experience.
  • Pass a 3rd party oral assessment of interpretation skills and language proficiency.
  • Pass a “mock” interpretation session.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with the online call management and interpreting tools


In addition, quality checks are performed twice a year by reviewing actual interpreting sessions conducted by interpreters.

For background checks, over-the-phone interpreters are screened by a third-party security agency, which scans the nation-wide criminal records, sex offender files, and the Patriot Act/Homeland Security Database then provides a complete report on every interpreter.