Almost half of Californians do not speak English at home. For your limited English families, your customers, patients, and clients, we broker understanding and information.


Relaying converted (interpreted) messages in a sequential manner after a speaker has paused or has completed a thought. Widely used in healthcare and community interpreting.


Converting a speaker’s message into another language while the speaker continues to speak. Assisted listening equipment available from 3 to 300 participants.

Chuchotage/Whispered Interpreting

Requires that an Interpreter position themselves near to their target listener and then whisper the speaker’s message. Used in settings where only 1-2 people need interpreting.

Qualified Interpreting For

Healthcare Assignments
Conference Interpreting
Insurance Investigations, Interviews, Benefit Meetings
Political Polling & Surveys
Parent-Teacher Meetings, IEP's & Student Assessments
Delegation Interpreting & Destination Management Services
Depositions, Settlements & Government Investigations
Law Enforcement and Public Health Interventions
Civil Casework and Immigration Matters
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Services

About Interpreting

As a professional service provider, whether you work in healthcare, government services, or in the private sector, you have likely been faced with the challenge of trying to communicate with your Limited English Proficient Clients. New regulations, California’s changing demographics and a dawning recognition of best practices have changed the way communication is delivered to the Limited English.

Our customers understand that a small investment of an Interpreter’s time can yield huge dividends in the overall wellness of the community. Enhanced communication leads to higher satisfaction and healthier outcomes for Limited English speaking Californians.

We believe Interpreting is a high-level professional service that requires an intellectual capacity, educational background, dual language production skills and an emotional maturity necessary to broker understanding to limited English communities. Interpreting is not an activity left to children or any other individual who is untrained, unscreened, or drafted on an ad-hoc basis to serve as the vital linguistic and cultural link to those who do not speak English.

Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

We offer industry-leading connection times, no setup fees, and no required minimums.

More Info

“Language World – Thank you for your excellent service. We appreciate the streamline process to obtain an interpreter, as well as the availability, professionalism and skills of the interpreter. When there are difficult situations, giving an employee the ability to speak from their heart (their first language), we can help clarify the issues and speed up resolutions. And, if we discover some communication that was missed, the go-forward plan has a greater chance for success. We hope we don’t need you again, but if we do we have confidence that our needs will be met.”

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